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Outdoor dining and your dog

As restaurants and pubs begin to welcome back customers, the popularity of outdoor dining has exploded. The reasons a fairly obvious:
  1. There is much more freedom from COVID restrictions with outdoor dining
  2. It’s a safer environment in the COVID world we live in
  3. The months are getting hotter and people are looking for ways to enjoy the sunshine (and a cold beverage).
There’s no reason why you can’t bring your pooch along to enjoy the alfresco experience at pet friendly establishments. Here are our top tips to ensure the experience is stress-free for you and your pooch:

●      Choose a table that is far away from busy thoroughfares and provides enough space for your dog to lay down.
●      If there is live music, try and pick a quiet corner away from instruments and speakers
●      Bring a water bowl or choose a venue where one can be provided
●      Pack a chew toy or treat puzzle to keep him occupied while you’re eating
●      If you’re worried that other patrons (particularly children) will over excite or work them up, kindly tell people that your dog is resting if they approach.

It’s also important to monitor for signs of stress and anxiety such as whining, shaking or sudden changes in overall demeanor. If this occurs, it’s best to cut your meal short and leave as soon as you can.

If your dog is particularly anxious, it may take a few visits to put them at ease. Try visiting the same venue for short periods of time and gradually increase them with each visit. You may find your dog's comfort levels also increase as they become familiar with their new surroundings.