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November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month

November is National Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month, recognised widely in both the UK and US. It’s a month dedicated to finding senior pets their forever homes and the Greyhounds As Pets team are looking to bring this fantastic awareness month to all our Aussie dog lovers here too. With the aim of getting senior dogs, and particularly the older greyhounds in our care, out to their pawfect families.

If you are considering adopting a new pet, there are many advantages to adding a senior fur-ever friend to your family. Apart from the unconditional love they will show you, there are also many practical reasons why senior dogs can be a better fit for your family.

Ideal for households with children

Older dogs don’t have bursts of uncontrollable energy that young pups have, and move at a more manageable pace which makes them ideal for households requiring a calmer pet to be around, perhaps those with small children or limited space or those already retired and enjoying a slower pace of life.

They have great manners

Usually, older dogs are already house trained and know basic commands. It’s like purchasing a PC with all of the software already installed!

An old dog can learn new tricks

Despite the adage about teaching old dogs new tricks, senior dogs can be taught new tricks and are usually more eager to please you than a pup. Practice makes perfect (and treats also help).

They are less demanding

Unlike puppies, older dogs require less training and supervision. They don’t require housebreaking or overnight toilet training (meaning less ‘oops’ on your carpet). They are however ready to go on long walks, be couch potatoes or the perfect camping companion.

They love and appreciate you

It’s not uncommon to hear that older dogs know how lucky they have been to be given a second chance at happiness. This makes them even more grateful for each pat, treat, and bonding moment.

Caring for a senior dog is not always more involved, however there are a few considerations to factor in:

-       Dietary requirements: Dog’s dietary needs change as they age and their muscle mass and organ function start to decrease. Generally this means you need to ensure the carbohydrate vs protein ratio is right for your dog
-       Frequent check-ups: Increasing the frequency of checkups will ensure any issues are caught and managed early on.
-       Tailored exercise schedule: A moderate exercise routine is recommended to help maintain muscle and joint health. They may not be able to play long, fast-paced games of fetch but a regular jog or walk will keep them happy.
Most importantly, senior dogs need love too. They are usually overlooked in shelters and can spend a long time waiting for someone to give them a second chance at life.

To find out more about the adoption process see below and to check out our current senior greyhounds awaiting their forever homes visit Our Greyhounds page or give the GAP team a call on 1800 696 377.

If you are ready to adopt hop over to our Adoption page to drop in an application.