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Signs you should get a second dog

Just like humans, dogs are social animals. In fact, it’s in their DNA to operate as part of a pack where they learn and experience loyalty and a sense of belonging.
As dogs evolved to become domesticated pets, they learned how to transfer loyalty and their sense of belonging to the human family unit, however they are still generally happier around other 4 legged companions.

You should always consider what is right for both your dog and your family unit. For example, if you’re expecting a baby or other family members are not on board – you should think carefully about whether it is the right time to be bringing a new dog into the home.

There are also some very good reasons why should consider a second dog.

1.    Your dog enjoys being around other dogs: If your dog yearns to be around other dogs, this is a great sign that introducing a new dog will bring a good balance to your home.

2.    You have time and money to invest: All good dog owners will know the amount of time and effort that goes into keeping your dog healthy and happy. Upkeep of dogs can also be expensive so ensure you have factored both of these requirements in before taking the leap.

3.    You’ve recently lost a dog: Dogs can go through long periods of mourning if they lose their companions. A second dog may help them form new bonds and keep them occupied.

4.   Reduce separation anxiety: Dogs will often suffer separation anxiety when left alone (particularly for long periods of time). Adding a second dog to your family will reduce their separation anxiety as they will always have company when you’re not around.

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