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Ways to add joy to an old dog’s life

Growing old together can be both rewarding and painful to watch. Their eyes still show you the love and adoration you’ve known for so long but their bodies start to feel the effects of age. Suddenly, they tire more easily, they can’t quite keep up on runs and they prefer to sleep quietly in the corner for hours on end.

Even in old age, dogs can live happy and fulfilling lives and there are ways you can help to add joy to their lives.

Spend time with them

Sounds like a no-brainer but when life gets busy, the days go quickly. So it’s important to remind yourself that your pooch wants nothing more than to spend time with you.

Doing simple things like letting them sit with you while you watch TV, hanging out in the backyard, or even grooming them more often will mean the world to your pooch.

Allow them to socialise

Find other dogs of similar age and let them socialise, or volunteer them for therapy dog work at nursing homes or hospitals if they have the right temperament. This will help ward off feelings of isolation or depression.

Adjust playtime

Demanding physical activities will wear them out quickly, and older dogs prefer to sit. This doesn’t mean you should stop playing with them, simply adjust the activities you’re engaging in.

Puzzle games and interactive toys will keep their minds busy. Scent games also provide great stimulation and keep their sensory abilities in check.

Make memories

Take him out whenever you can, including road trips, camping, beach days, etc. Make memories with your pooch while you still can because the days may seem long, but the years a short.