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Benefits of talking to your dog daily

Talking to your dog might seem silly given it will always be a one-sided conversation, but we've all caught ourselves doing it at one point or another.
It may surprise you to know that having a conversation with your greyhound has benefits that you're probably not aware of. While not everyone will admit that they strike up a conversation with their dog if you're someone who talks to your dog on the regular – keep up the good work!
Here are some reasons why you should have daily conversations with your best bud:
Strengthens your bond

Dogs are the best body linguists on 4 legs, and have an amazing ability to understand our emotions through both body language and spoken word. Not only can they follow verbal instructions, but they also read emotions through tone.
When you speak to them in a high, cheerful tone they know that you’re showing affection (and perhaps treats will follow), and when you’re stern they know that they are being punished for something.

It can be good for your mental health

Greyhounds are the most non-judgemental audience you can get. Verbalising all of the things that are causing frustration or you may find difficult speaking to others about is good for your mental health. They won’t be able to offer advice but they will give certainly give you all of their attention while you vent. They also won’t be able to repeat private details to another soul!

Dogs love it when you talk to them

A UK study in 2018 has shown that speaking to dogs makes them want to spend more time with us (awwww). So next time you catch yourself having that 1-sided spirited conversation with your dog, keep going. The conversations your having are also an important part of your dog's day.