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How to manage a UTI

Urinary tract infections are quite common in dogs, and more common in some dog breeds than others. Symptoms can vary in severity but the tell-tale signs are generally the same. While UTI’s are easily remedied, ignoring the symptoms can lead to serious kidney issues as well as put your dog in unnecessary pain.
Here are the signs to look for:

·         Cloudy urine or urine with blood
·         Visibly uncomfortable whilst urinating (straining or whimpering)
·         Suddenly having lots of accidents in the house
·         Needing to go more frequently than usual
·         Excessive licking around the urinary opening
·         Fever

What causes UTI’s?

There are many ways your dog can develop a UTI:

-       Bladder infection
-       Stones or debris in the bladder
-       Stress
-       Trauma
-       Prostate disease
-       Cancer
-       Diabetes


Treating UTI's is fairly straightforward and requires a visit to the vet. Your vet will undertake a physical examination (including a check of the kidneys and bladder to ensure there is nothing more serious going on), and a urine test so they can prescribe the right antibiotics for the problem.
Your vet may also recommend changes to their diet, and increase their water intake or put them on an IV if they’re dehydrated.
If your vet is concerned that there’s a more serious underlying issue causing the UTI (such as cancer), they will be able to run tests to determine the next steps.
Ignoring the symptoms

Leaving a UTI untreated can lead to a host of serious issues such as a blockage of the urethra, a buildup of toxins and waste as well as causing extreme discomfort.