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Are greyhounds good with kids?

It’s one of the most common questions that we are asked by families who are looking to adopt a greyhound – are greyhounds good with kids?

Many families are more likely to shy away from adopter larger breeds, believing they are too high energy to coexist safely with children.

In fact, many greyhounds are perfectly capable of being amazing family pets, providing they are socialised and the kids have been taught to respect dogs (of all breeds).

Here are our top reasons for why you should choose to adopt a greyhound:

1. Docile Nature: Greyhounds tend to be low energy and will often prefer to do their own thing rather than engage in rough and tumble play with children.
2. Minimal exercise requirements: Many greyhounds prefer short 20min walks rather than jogging or hiking. This means that the daily dog walk can be something that the whole family can attend, providing of course that the dog is walked by a responsible adult at all times.
3. They are couch potatoes: Chillaxing is a favourite activity for many greyhounds which means they are less likely to want to bowl kids over with their enthusiasm. Of course it’s a good idea to let greyhounds have their zoomie time outside when the children are occupied inside- these pooches aren’t always known for their agility!
4. Match fit for you: GAPNSW will do all the hard work for you by matching you with a greyhound that is suited to your family.

Of course, it’s wise to teach your children how to behave around all dogs (not just greyhounds). They need to know that there’s certain no-no’s which may cause dogs to react defensively to protect themselves. These include:

• Asking for the owner’s permission before you approach or pet a stranger’s dog
• Do not disturb a dog that is eating, sleeping or laying down
• Do not approach a dog that is focused on a toy or treat or try to take away the object or treat
• Learn to read basic canine body language and respond accordingly

If you would like to find out more information about greyhounds and kids, or you want to explore adoption we would love to hear from you. Contact us via the website and we will be in touch.