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How to prepare for cold weather

Winter is here and the chill in the air has a definite bite this season. With predictions that we will also see a very wet Winter, it’s important to start preparing your pooch for the colder months and ensure their warm, dry and toasty.

Here are our tips on preparing for the cold:

Invest in a good quality coat: If you're the lucky owner of a greyhound, you will know that they don't keep in heat as well as other breeds due to their short coats and low body fat. For this reason, it's important that you invest in a decent coat to keep them warm on walks and through the night. There are loads of trendy options out there so you can even get creative!

Ear hygiene: You are welcoming ear infections by not keeping your dog’s ears dry. Make sure you check their ears daily and dry them, particularly if they’ve been out for a walk in the cold or rain.

Bedding and blankets: It’s time to pull out the thick cosy bed and blankets to keep them toasty through the cold nights. It's also a good idea to keep them indoors as much as possible, particularly during the night time.

Ensure they are hydrated: Heaters, jackets and blankets can dehydrate your dog. It’s important to keep your dogs’ water bowl full and monitor their water intake to ensure they are receiving the right level of hydration. Keeping it interesting by giving them bone broth will also keep their hydration in check as well as a boost to their immune system.

Keep their coat dry: Dry off their coat and feet with a towel after every walk as well as after they’ve had a play in the backyard.

Know the particular needs of your breed: Some dogs require more support than others when it comes to temperature regulation, like greyhounds, who naturally have very low body fat, so they are prone to cold stress. If you're not already aware of your breeds' particular needs, it would be wise to do some research to understand if your dog requires additional support to keep them snug.