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Should I Adopt a Male or Female Greyhound?


What are the physical differences between male and female greyhounds?

Aside from the obvious anatomical difference, male greyhounds tend to be slightly larger (average weight 30-35kg) than females (average weight 27-32kg).

However, just because males tend to, on average, be heavier than females, this does not mean that they would take up noticeably more space in your house!

Behavioural differences between male and female greyhounds

There is currently no empirical evidence to suggest that there are clear behavioural differences between male and female greyhounds.

Anecdotally, adopters have reported that male greyhounds tend to be more silly and eager to please than females whereas females tend to be more standoffish. When selecting the your best match, GAP staff will always judge based on the individual dog’s temperament rather than generalising based on sex.

Are male and female greyhounds able to learn in the same way?

Yes, both male and female greyhounds are able to learn in the same way. The learning ability of any individual greyhound will more often be a reflection of genetics, emotional state and early life experience as opposed to biological sex.

The key to helping your greyhound learn quickly

The key to helping any greyhound to learn effectively is to make sure the dog feels safe and to use positive reinforcement. This will have the bonus effect of improving the bond you have with your dog.

Can I bring a male greyhound home with an existing female greyhound?

All dogs adopted from GAP will be desexed prior to you taking them home.  Not only does this prevent accidental breeding, but you also don't need to worry about things like hormones and heat cycles complicating how two dogs get along with each other.

In terms of introducing a dog to an established dog household, best practice is ensuring the first meet and greet is conducted at a neutral location. If adopting from GAP, this will usually be conducted at our Adoption Centres or, if adopting through one of our regional programs, at a local park or similar.

Can I bring a female greyhound home with an existing male greyhound?

The same principle applies!

You just need to make sure to introduce the dogs at a neutral location and gauge their compatibility, which will be determined based on their individual personalities rather than their gender.

Can two of the same genders of greyhounds live together?

Yes, it is possible for two males or two females to live together in harmony.

It has been observed anecdotally that two females can tend to have more scuffles than two males or a male and female, but there is currently no scientific evidence to support that.

As such, a female greyhound will only be approved for a household with another female dog if the greyhound has demonstrable success being with other female dogs while in care.

What gender greyhound is right for my home?

Usually if you're ready to adopt a greyhound, it doesn't matter which gender you end up adopting.

We do find that females are more popular (for arbitrary reasons). So we always have a surplus of males at our adoption centers, which is a shame because they're just as lovely.

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