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Winter allergies in dogs

Every season can exacerbate allergies in dogs and Winter is no different. Allergies can affect a dog's skin, coat and breathing as well as cause itchy and watery eyes and sneezing.

Due to spending most of their time indoors (and keeping warm), common Winter allergies include reactions to:

·       Dust mites
·       Dry air (with low humidity)
·       Mould

Symptoms you may notice include:

·       Itchy or dry irritated skin
·       Excessive scratching and licking of skin and/or feet
·       Clear discharge from the eyes
·       Excessive sneezing
·       Runny nose
·       Red eyes
·       Coughing

It’s best to seek veterinary advice who will be able to assess their symptoms and discuss the best course of action. Common remedies include:

Specialised shampoo

Your Vet may prescribe a calming shampoo to alleviate your pooches skin ailments. Regular bathing during Winter, combined with a moisturiser (so their skin doesn’t dry out) may help relieve your pooches discomfort.


Just like humans, allergies can be alleviated with antihistamines, corticosteroids as well as topical creams that have been specially formulated to relieve allergen symptoms.


Immunosuppressants can help dogs build immunity against the allergen, and work by injecting a small amount of the allergen into the dog.