Greyhounds. Anything But Grey

By Michael Cowley
January 20, 2023 11:04
A new campaign that captures the “unique and mystical” qualities of greyhounds has been lauded by pet owners and the general public as “ground-breaking”.

The campaign video has been shared widely across various social media platforms since its launch this month, with a Statewide push being aimed to build on record adoptions through the numerous rehoming programs of Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW).

Titled “Greyhounds. Anything But Grey”, the video portrays the fashionista side of the beautiful animals while enhancing their positioning as one of Australia’s premium pets.

The campaign will run for around three months, with the look and feel continuing to promote key events such as National Adoption Day later this year.

“It’s now no secret what wonderful pets greyhounds make. Anyone who owns one, or has been around one, will happily spread that message,” GRNSW’s chief executive officer Rob Macaulay said.

“While one of the strong selling points for anyone interested in a greyhound as a pet has always been their temperament, their penchant for sleep, and that they are low maintenance, we wanted to show through this campaign that greyhounds also have wonderful personalities.

“Greyhounds are unique, somewhat mystical and certainly not dull and with that in mind the tagline Greyhounds. Anything But Grey was born.

“Over the past few years owning a greyhound as a pet has become increasingly popular, but our research has also shown that now more than ever before, people are adopting a dog which reflects their own personality.

“With fashion being one of the key influences amongst modern dog adopters, we set out to create a unique campaign and certainly one different to anything we have done in the past.

“Working closely with our media partners and brand ambassadors, we’ve come up with something that is truly different, and shows a different and unique side to greyhounds. It may also encourage those teetering on a decision of which breed of dog they want to join their family, to come over to the ‘grey side’.

“Our hero video asset showcases our beautiful greyhounds in the fashion arena, something we have never done before and it certainly speaks to our target audience.”

The demand for greyhounds as pets over the past two years has been very high, and like other breeds it peaked during COVID-19, but the popularity of greyhounds adoptions has continued.

“While I know and understand what wonderful pets they make, I am still amazed at how many people you see on the street walking their pet greyhounds,” Macaulay said.

“And it’s a trend we hope continues so that as many people as possible can see and experience exactly what a magnificent animal the greyhounds is.”

You can find out more details about greyhound adoption here on this website or contact your local GAP program or facility.

GAP has two facilities in NSW, one at Wyee on the Central Coast, and the other in Western Sydney at Londonderry.

Greyhounds As Pets also have several regional programs around NSW and those interested can also get in touch with their nearest program.

The regional programs are in the Central West, the Hunter Valley, the Northern Rivers, the Riverina and the very successful GAP Southern NSW/ACT. All the details for these programs can be found in the contact section on this website.