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Age: 3 years 1 month | Sex: Male

The name’s Ben, Agent Ben. Reporting for duty for a very important mission. A mission to steal your heart!

With my special skills of puppy dog eyes, the paw of more and my big, floppy ears I know I will complete my mission in record time. Once complete, you will take me home to your humble abode with a nice yard for me to spend some time in and a bucket full of never ending toys to play with! You will scarcely leave me home alone, but when you have to for your important assignment of buying me treats, it will only be for a couple of hours at most. When we’re home together we will spend our day inside relaxing together- you on your lounge and me on my fluffy dog bed. Ahh I can picture it already! How spoilt and loved I will be…

Age: 9 years 2 months | Sex: Female

Hey there, my name is Margie! Don't judge me on my age, nothing holds me back! I love having fun, going on walks, being silly and being your new best mate.

I have an infectious zest for life that will surely make you smile. I'm always smiling so it won't be hard for me to rub off on you!

Age: 2 years 1 month | Sex: Female

Are you "Looking for Alaska"? Just like beautiful snowy mountains, this photogenic and breathtaking white girl is sure to catch your eye and if you're anything like us - taking hundreds of photos!

Alaska certainly has a personality far from icy or frosty, she is ultra affectionate (watch out - she may lick you on the face!).

Age: 2 years 5 months | Sex: Male

Handsome fawn lad Crash is looking for a new place to call home! This 3-year-old fella is still a puppy a heart and wants some humans who will enjoy his goofy playful side as well as his affectionate and cuddly nature.

Crash adores his humans and is hoping for a home where he will not be left alone for long hours during the day, however if you do need to step out for work, a walk (or big game in the back yard) before you head off will make his heart sing.  He also loves the company of other medium/large dogs if you had one already at home to hang out with. Older kids would enjoy his playful nature, if they are able to give him space when he needs a break. Crash would happily join you on a daily stroll through the neighborhood, impressing everyone with his lovely lead manners.  Currently on a farm, he is also livestock friendly and spends his days walking with his kelpie mates amongst the Alpaca's (on lead of course) .

Age: 2 years 8 months | Sex: Male

Parkie has spent a few months in foster care and is more than ready to be your new best friend! Parkie is a true family man - great with kids, other greyhounds and has been exposed to lots of the big wide world in foster.

Parkie would love to be the favourite member of your family. He is pretty sure he is FAMOUS and that the world revolves around him. He is exuberant, charming and handsome with a cheeky personality. He has become resilient during his time in foster care and would love to show you all the things he has learnt from his time in foster. Here are some message from his foster carers:

Age: 2 years 8 months | Sex: Female

Bindi is the only Bindii you will find in her garden!

Bindi is a happy confident girl who loves gardening, especially the sniffing part. She has excellent supervisory skills and will check all of the places you dig and all the things you plant!

Age: 1 year 7 months | Sex: Male

Hello my name is Crumble! I'm a gentle boy with an old soul. I am calm, quiet, lazy and will totally "crumble" your heart when you meet me. I have spent some time in foster care and the feedback was that I settle in quickly, sleeping and eating well and I was very well behaved. I am great with toilet training in a home too.

I'm good with all dogs ranging from small to greyhounds, making me a great addition to your home if you have another dog. My ideal doggie friend is one who is calm and lazy like me. I am very respectful and calm of other dogs and my ideal match would be another calm and gentle quiet natured dog to match my personality.

Age: 4 years 5 months | Sex: Female

You've heard about the musical.

You've heard about the island holiday destination.

Age: 2 years 10 months | Sex: Male

When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio! Or Rio could come to you!

This handsome young man is a shy guy who really thrives when he has a medium-large sized canine companion to spend his days with. With a doggo friend he can be left alone for full time hours, welcoming you home with a soft wagging tail and puppy dog eyes to make your heart melt. Rio actually has a best friend at the kennels named Hamilton! They can go home together but they don't need to. He can be in a home without a friend, but then he would like his humans around more often than not, so casual or part time workers is best.

Age: 3 years 6 months | Sex: Male

Say NOOT NOOT to Pingu! This handsome boy may not have feathers or blubber but he wears a tuxedo that would rival that of any penguin!

Sweet and gentle Pingu can be a little shy at first but once he warms up to you is the most affectionate and sweet boy you’ll ever meet! He has a gentle nature but does enjoy the occasional play session with his squeaky toys. Our Pingu would prefer sun and grass to the ice and snow of Antarctica, and is hoping his new home has a backyard for him to enjoy. He doesn’t mind a bit of time to himself during the day, and would suit those who work part-time/casual hours. Pingu loves to play with other dogs that are around his size and would love to share his new home is there was another medium/large dog already in the family. Although Pingu has made fantastic progress here at GAP, however at only 3-years-old he is still getting used to all the sights and sounds of pet life and well need someone willing to take things slow with him. He would also do best in a quieter neighbourhood and a quieter home older/teenage kids only. 

Age: 4 years 8 months | Sex: Male

This lovable goofball may not have a tail to wag but it sure is easy to tell when he is happy! And let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like this boy flailing his long limbs about like a dancing octopus as he runs into your arms! 

That’s right, Rocko absolutely adores his people and will always greet you with a big goofy grin and lots of snuggles! Despite his outgoing personality, this handsome brindle is still getting used to the big wide world and would like to take things slow and keep walks short and sweet for now, and is happy to enjoy some play-time or enrichment games instead some days. Rocko loves the company of other dogs around his size would be thrilled to share his new home with one if you already happen to have one in the family! With a canine companion to pass the time with, Rocko suits full time workers, however as a single dog he would need someone around more often to keep him company. Rocko is hoping his new home has a spacious backyard for him to relax and sunbathe in as he is still getting used to spending time indoors. When he is comfortable, Rocko’s happy and affectionate personality really shines and all who meet this boy fall madly in love!

Age: 3 years 8 months | Sex: Female

Good with all dogs, floppy ears and gorgeous eyes, affectionate & a face that's always smiling and happy to see you, what more could you want?

If you look up "Jo" in the dictionary you find "sweetheart". This is incredibly true for Miss Jo. Jo loves her humans, loves scratches behind the ear and leaning on you for pats.

Age: 1 year 11 months | Sex: Female

Lacking a little cheer this festive season? Well we know exactly what you need! Say hello to our shiny Bauble!

Our adorable little bauble is only 2-years-old and is looking for a place to call her forever home. She hasn’t had much experience with pet life and will need a slow introduction to new things. Bauble loves the company of other medium/large dogs and we have found she is at her most happy and confident with one around, so a family with a canine best friend already built in is ideal. If you have another dog at home already to keep Bauble company, she is suitable for those who work full-time hours. A relaxed home without young kids and in a quieter neighbourhood would be best for this sweet girl as she settles in. Don’t get us wrong though, once this little sweetheart has warmed up to you, she will show you just how affectionate, loving and gentle she is (especially if you have some tasty treats to offer!)

Age: 1 year 11 months | Sex: Female

*Pippa has recently gone into foster care. Updates coming soon!*

Hi there, my name is Pippa! I’m a sweet and friendly young girl and I just love getting pats from people. I am sure that my affectionate personality and gentle nature will be the perfect addition to your family.

Age: 2 years 9 months | Sex: Male

Looking for a no-frills friendly boy?  Then Shadow might just fit the bill.  On one hand, there is nothing overly outstanding about Shadow, but on the other hand, everything about Shadow is perfect.  He is young, friendly, will talk to anyone and everyone and just enjoys life.  No frill but no issues either.

With impeccable lead manners, Shadow spends his days being walked by a retired gent around his farm surrounded with livestock and wildlife. While he has not been around children, he would be great for a home with older kids who are calm and respectful - and who are up for the odd game in the backyard of course.

Age: 2 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Wolf is a stunning large fawn boy who is sweet, kind and has a zest for life. He's super smart and exceptionally affectionate.  Where you go - he will be pretty close by seeing if you need a hand with that. 

He would be perfect for an active retired couple or someone who works from home and wants the company.  He would be fine home alone as well, however he is such a cracker of a dog , he deserves to get the gold star of homes.

Age: 3 years 9 months | Sex: Male

Yo, Snoopy “Snoop Dawg” G-hound here to tell you what’s up. I am, for adoption that is, so fill out an application for me now.

My fans know me as Snoop Dawg G-Hound, but you can call me Snoopy. I have lived a life of luxury (think kongs at the chateau and bones on the catamaran) but am now ready to settle down with my forever family. I can happily spend a few hours on my own, however miss my posse where they’re away for too long so a family home more often than not would be ideal. I have a wonderful singing voice and love to show it off to anyone who walks by so a fully enclosed backyard with opaque fencing would be best. I love to spend time lazing on the lounge or sleeping on my big fluffy dog bed when you’re home and would be best suited to a family willing to include me in daily life. I get along with creatures from all walks of life, from younger children to small dogs and would be suited to most family dynamics, so long as they are respectful of my space and prized possessions (toys and food). I love to strut down the street showing off my good looks and walk very nicely on the lead. I am quite a confident boy and love to meet new people and I hope that you will love meeting me too! 

Age: 3 years 5 months | Sex: Male

Knick Knack PADDY Whack, give this dog a bone or a home, or both!

The new guy Paddy is looking for his fur-ever home and he reckons this would be most ideal for him:

Age: 1 year 11 months | Sex: Female

Hi everyone! My name is Purcee,. I'm a little petite girl and still learning about the big wide world. I'm just about to turn 2yo and ready to take one giant leap into the unknown- a home! I'm the type of girl that gets a little nervous of new things and a quiet home will really benefit me. Once i get to know you, i turn into a little zooming pocket rocket and love to chase and play with toys. I love most treats which will come in handy for training but please be gentle with me as i am not very confident yet. I would love an adult only home with a yard and possibly another med/lrg canine for company. I much prefer my humans to be around more often than not, being left alone is not very fun. The humans here walk me on a harness as it is more secure just in case i startle at something but i am a good girl on lead after some initial excitement.

I am ready and available now for my home! Contact Wyee to enquire and make an appointment to meet me!

Age: 3 years 7 months | Sex: Male

Introducing the hilarious Allan!

He will make you laugh in ways that you didn't think were possible. The way he gallops around his yard, shows his funny smiles and gives you so much love as well will just brighten all your days and make you fall in love with him.