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Age: 5 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Ahoy there! Popeye here, looking for a cruisey family to call my own.

I’m an older soul with a gentle nature but don’t let that or my grey little face fool you…I still love to play and practice zoomies around the yard. I have lived before in a home where I met some older children along with an older greyhound who I got along with quite well. I have learned a lot about pet life, and to be honest…I LOVE IT! So I would suit a home that has another greyhound or calm, large breed dog. If you live in a bustling area, with lots of noisy neighbours, I would suit someone who is home more often than not. But if you live in a more quiet area, someone who works part time would also be ideal for me as I would spend my time lounging around when you’re not at home.

Age: 1 year 9 months | Sex: Female

Look at Moiiiiiiiii…I’ve only got one word for you…ADOPT!!

Kath is a foxy 2 year old who loves food and adores people. She can be excitable at first but after some calming pats and treats she settles down and will loves to be near her human. She’s a noiice, different, unusual lady and her perfect home is one where her new humans are going to be around often to give her all the love and attention. She would suit a family that is home most of the time but if you need to duck out to the shops or have a lunch date, Kath will spend her time in the yard, soaking up the sun, munching on a delicious bone or kong. As Kath can be a bit excitable, a family with experienced or older children would be best. She would also suit a home with another Greyhound or large breed dog.

Age: 2 years 11 months | Sex: Female

Hello, my name is Abbey and 2 years old. I'm a shy little girl in search of my forever home. I am very friendly and polite and I never cause a fuss!

My hair might be a bit patchy, but everyone still thinks I'm gorgeous - just look at my beautiful eyes! The humans say there is nothing wrong with my hair and keeping me on a good diet will fix it up eventually.

Age: 5 years 5 months | Sex: Male

Donuts my name and being your new best mate is my game!

I'm a happy go lucky kind of guy, I'm confident and mature and not much phases me! I take it all in my stride.

Age: 4 years 6 months | Sex: Female

Are you looking for your next pawfect companion? Then I'm your girl!

Hi I'm Cosmo, I'm a little and sweet natured 4 year old girl ready for my next new adventure!

Age: 2 years 8 months | Sex: Female

Soft and delicate on the inside but sweet and irresistible on the outside, this girl is an absolute treat. At any time of the day this little princess with be your go-to pick me up. 

Meet Lamington- a beautiful young girl searching for her forever home. Just like your favourite Aussie snack Lamington is bite sized but full of flavour. She has a fun and silly personality. She loves to play with toys, go for daily walks and then curl up on her bed by your side. Lamington can be nervous at first but once she warms up she is very friendly and loving. She would prefer to be in a quiet home without too many people or young children and a backyard would be ideal. Lamington has gotten along well with the other greyhounds she has met and would be suitable for a home with another large breed dog. Once Lamington feels comfortable and comes out of her shell she will be your best friend and a great companion.

Age: 1 year 8 months | Sex: Female

*Brandy has recently gone into foster care. Updates coming soon!*

At 1.5-years-old and with a beautiful light fawn coat and stunning personality to match, adorable Brandy is the whole package! 

Age: 4 years 4 months | Sex: Female

Just add a little sugar, a little spice and just a dash of goofiness... OOPS the whole lot fell in!! Blend it all together and you have the perfect Smoothie!

Beautiful fawn girl Smoothie has a happy and vibrant personality that will bring joy to your life every day! She loves to play and have the occasional zoom around the garden and would love a home with a spacious backyard to enjoy. Smoothie is suitable for those who work part-time/casual hours provided you live in a quieter neighbourhood, but wouldn’t mind staying home alone longer if she had a medium/large canine best friend to spend her down time with. Smoothie loves a short daily walk and has great lead manners making her a fantastic walking partner. While Smoothie absolutely adores her humans, the one true love of her life is food! Smoothie loves her food and will learn anything you want if tasty treats are involved.

Age: 6 years 10 months | Sex: Female

Hello, my name is Panini!

I'm a tiny little sweet and reserved girl. I'm ultra gentle, kind and quiet.

Age: 4 years 7 months | Sex: Male

My name is Hawk!  My favorite TV show is M*A*S*H and I love to eat LOTS of treats while i watch!  I especially love the chicken treats...... and the beef treats.... and the cheesy treats....and all the treats.

I am a well behaved boy around horses and chooks and other big dogs. I haven't seen any 'Cats' or small humans before... * cute head tilt*

Age: 6 years 6 months | Sex: Male

An update from foster care!

"Winksey is a great character to add to any household.

Age: 6 years 11 months | Sex: Female

This juicy little Olive is absolutely bursting full of love and affection!

Petite girl Olive has a very joyful and fun-loving spirit with a contagious zest for life! She loves her humans and quickly befriends all she meets, winning each of them over with her puppy dog eyes and waggy tail! Olive is comfortable spending time by herself during the day and wouldn’t mind living with full-time workers as long as she gets lots of time for cuddles and play when you get home. She is suitable for living with older kids/teens and is also friendly with other medium/large sized dogs. Olive will happily join you on a daily stroll around the neighbourhood, and while she can be excited to get going she soon settles into a good rhythm and makes for a great walking partner. However, Olive is also happy to just spend quality time with her humans at home too and she loves any activities involving toys or food!

Age: 2 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Are you a quiet person, in a quiet home, living a quiet life? Andy is a very shy guy and is taking his time to adjust to his new world here at GAP HQ. He prefers to move at a steady pace and would suit a home with someone that isn't expecting an excitable lap dog any time soon - But would rather help him to come out of his shell and grow in confidence.

In saying that, Andy is just lovely! He is a food lover and that will certainly help find the way to his heart. Andy LOVES going for walks!! When he's out and about the countryside, his tail does not stop wagging. He enjoys a social walk with other greyhounds but would prefer to be an only dog in his home.

Age: 3 years 11 months | Sex: Female

You’ll never be playing the blues with our beautiful little Harmonica in your family orchestra! 3-years-old and full of love and affection, this adorable little girl will make your heart hit a high note!

Harmonica has an excitable and happy personality and would love to join you in some backyard games of fetch, a short daily power walk around the block or just chilling inside with her humans. In fact, Harmonica has shown us she is well behaved indoors and even enjoys spending time in an open crate. Harmonica is comfortable spending time by herself soaking up the sun rays and she is suitable for those who work part-time or full-time hours. She is friendly and social with other dogs around her size and would also happily share her home with older kids who would enjoy her goofy, playful side. The only thing Harmonica loves more than attention is food! She loves food enrichment games and would be happy to participate in any training you might like to do as long as there are tasty rewards thrown in!

Age: 1 year 7 months | Sex: Female

Needs a sprinkle of a little Sparkle magic in your life?  Then say hello to the ultimate loneliness buster you'll ever meet! At 18 months old, Sparkle made the call that it was the couch life she wanted and being such a smoochy young lass the couch she will have.

Sparkle is suited to a partially active home that is happy to take her for a walk however is equally as happy to hang at home in the garden and allowing her to nap.  Being young, her new fam needs to understand that she is young and can accept that puppy things happen from time to time.  She would love nothing more than to have you show her the ways of the world.

Age: 4 years 5 months | Sex: Male

*IN FOSTER CARE NEAR WYEE* Awaiting an update from his foster carer.

If you're a sucker for sweet little boy doggos that are a little bit shy but a lot a bit cute... same!

Age: 4 years 6 months | Sex: Male

Are you a fun loving, excitable & active person looking for a companion with a personality just as big as yours? Look no further - We have Reggie here for you!

Reggie is the epitome of happy-go-lucky. He just wants to have fun and be right by your side while he does so.

Age: 3 years 11 months | Sex: Male

All definitions of the word Ace roughly refer to being the best, the highest ranking, or very good. How fitting for this wonderful boy, who is definitely an Ace of Spades in our deck. He's one of those dogs that everyone likes.

3 year old Ace is easy to please- He enjoys human company but also copes just as well on his own. He likes other dogs but doesn't mind being an only-dog. He is affectionate but can also be independent. As we said, easy ;) Trust us... You're going to love him.

Age: 6 years 6 months | Sex: Female


From the foster carers:

Age: 3 years 10 months | Sex: Female

The name Callie, of Greek origin, means beautiful - And we don't need to tell you why this is so fitting... You can see her photos!

Callie is a stunning brindle 3.5yo girl, who is fun and exciting! She's big on play time and she's certainly big on people! Callie will follow you around nudging into you for attention - She's one of those girls that you just can't help but love. Her energy is infectious!!