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Age: 5 years 7 months | Sex: Male

Is your family calm and quiet but full of love? Kids have grown up a bit and you’re looking for a new family member to take care of while they’re at school and you’re home from work?

Well meet Hunter. This dashing 4 year old boy is quite the head turner; a marvel to look at just as he is to spend time with! Hunter is a very easy going guy and will fit really easily into a family with older children and full-time workers.

Age: 5 years 5 months | Sex: Male

Tired of navigating the turbulent waters and dangerous currents of life? Not to worry – Bondi is here to rescue you! Just as stunning and fun as the world famous beach, 4-year-old Bondi will make all your worries melt away like an ice-cream on the hot sand.

Bondi is a very happy-go-lucky dude who loves his walks and plays just as much as his snoozes in the sun. He loves spending time in our office here at GAP HQ and quickly flops himself down on the floor and settles in for a nap. He's also grey-t on lead and very easy to walk in quiet areas, just bring snacks! Bondi prefers to have company during his hot summer days and would suit a part-time or full-time worker. He would be happy to have a medium/large canine friend or to be an only dog. As we said, happy-go-lucky, easy fella. Bondi may also fit right into a home with older children.

Age: 3 years 0 months | Sex: Male

Oh my hold onto your hats as the most amazing dude possible. No blurb needed.....this is what we know about him

He is

Age: 6 years 0 months | Sex: Female

*Pink is currently in foster care. Here are some updates from her carer: "She will get quite excited when someone gets home. She’s also really good in the car, she jumps in and out by herself."*

If you’re feeling a little blue, perhaps what you need in your life is a bit of Pink! 4-year-old Pink is searching high and low for a new place to call home.

Age: 4 years 1 month | Sex: Female

Money Money Money!! Always sunny. In a rich man’s world!

This little money girl will be sure to brighten up your day! This sweet girl is still adjusting to life as a pet but has come in leaps and bounds since being in our care. She has learnt to walk on leash and is doing exceptionally well at remaining calm and walking on a loose lead.

Age: 11 years 3 months | Sex: Male

Also known for being Batman’s butler Mr. Alfred aims to please his master and provide comic relief to his pawrents. At 10 years old our Mr. Alfred is looking for a place to call his own. Alfred is quite the gentleman and enjoys nothing more than spending time with his humans or doggy pals. He has exceptional leash manners and enjoys a few short daily strolls, nothing to strenuous due to his older age.

Alfred has shown good manners with others dogs big and small so he wouldn’t mind sharing his home with canine companion; in fact he really enjoys having a pal to keep him company. Due to his laid back personality he would be ok to share his home with children as long as he can have a space to call his own. Alfred really prefers having his humans around to lap up all the attention, so a home with owners home more often than not would be ideal; if there was not a canine companion.

Age: 6 years 7 months | Sex: Male

Take me down to Western Sydney, where the grass is green and the dogs are pretty… oh won’t you please take Axle home!

Meet Axle- this rockstar of a dog is ready to be the next big hit in your life! Axle is a sweet and friendly boy who enjoys the company of humans. He settles very well on his own and would suit full-time workers so long as he has some enrichment to keep him entertained during the day. He likes to play with toys and will do absolutely anything for a treat! Axle enjoys crashing on his own bed inside the house however will need the option of spending time outside too so would suit a home with some outdoor space. Being the lead singer, Axle prefers to do things on his own and would suit a home where he will be the only pet. Axle can be quite excitable so would be suitable for a family with older children only. Axle LOVES going for walks and will let you know when he’s feeling like one! Once he gets over his initial excitement about going for a stroll he calms down into a nice walk and walks on a loose leash.

Age: 4 years 4 months | Sex: Male

Meet Hugh the hunk! Not only is he the Fabio of the greyhound community with his stunning good looks, he has the most wonderful nature.  Friendly and affectionate, he enjoys one on one time with his peeps so best suited to solo doggo living.

He does have one little issue where he can pull on the lead when walking but this can be easily resolved with some patience and work from you and after that is sorted you will have the perfect pal to share your days with. For this reason we are looking for an experienced large dog home that has the ability to work with this as he is a big lad.

Age: 2 years 11 months | Sex: Female

Young Tori is the all round gal around town.  Just 2 years old, outgoing and friendly, and at the same time laid back and quiet. Tori is very happy around children over the age of 8 and actually prefers them to adults as she has grown up with 4 children. She has had exposure to all types of dogs big and small as she has grown up at a boarding kennel, however has not lived with them so only respectful other dogs homes would be considered. A meet and greet in Nowra will be required with another dog.

Tori does have a couple of quirks though.  The main one is she is a bit of a sook and can be a tad “over dramatic” with things so needs a non reactive home that will not panic if she tries it on.  For example, she stood on a stick yesterday and the leg went up in the air and would not come down until the ball came out!  Then all of a sudden, the leg was forgotten and she got it.

Age: 3 years 1 month | Sex: Female

Looking for something a bit different to sweeten up in your home?  You know the sort that is a bit like a licorice all-sort which has a bit of everything but has that unique taste?  Then Candy may be exactly what you're looking for.  She is young at only 2, tiny at 24kg, bright and bubbly but also has the perfect off button when needed as well.

Being young she has a zest for life and would be the perfect wing gal for a family with respectful kids over the age of 8 to share many adventures with and we can confirm she is the BEST keeper of little girl secrets and dreams.

Age: 4 years 10 months | Sex: Male

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% paw-spiration!” – Greyhound Eddison.

4yo Eddison is somewhat of a famous inventor himself. He swears he invented the “puppy dog eyes”, and has a patent pending on his floppy ear design.

Age: 7 years 7 months | Sex: Male

If you’re in need of a noble knight to rule over your personal Camelot, then look no further than GAP’s very own King Arthur!

Unlike the legendary hero, this Arthur would very much prefer to be in a single dog household without his knights of the round table - Not to worry, he has enough personality to make up a kingdom! Arthur's interactions with other dogs are preferred brief and cordial, though he expects quite the contrary from his royal human court. Arthur LOVES people and very much enjoys both play time and quiet time together. He enjoys social walks with other greyhounds around the lands and has been known to have everyone in stitches with his gardening skills.

Age: 4 years 7 months | Sex: Male

*Zavier’s “Plenty-of-Greys” profile*

Age: 3 but pretends he’s 8.

Age: 4 years 5 months | Sex: Female

Are you looking for a calm and loving furry companion to brighten your days? Our sweet Shae may just be your girl!

This friendly and affectionate girl is the perfect mix of relaxed and fun. She enjoys spending time in her backyard with lots of treats but loves to spend time with her owners and would suit people who work from home or retirees who will be home more often than not. She loves to go for a walk and has excellent leash manners. Shae can take a little bit of time to warm up to new people so would suit a home with older respectful children and in a quieter suburb. Shae gets along well with other dogs and would be happy to share a backyard with other large dogs. Shae is a big fan of toys and doing zoomies in the backyard so would love to have some space to run around in.

Age: 6 years 3 months | Sex: Male

Look into my smexy eyes and tell me you don't want to look at my divine ears every minute of every day…. Because that is what you will do with our love bug Deigo. This dude loves company so is ideal for a middle ages retired couple or casual workers looking for someone to share their home with.

He is pretty lazy, walks lovely on the lead and is perfect to live on his own - with you :) He has not been tested with other dogs however pays no interest to them when on a walk out and about and with this in mind we think a home as the only dog is the way to go for him.

Age: 6 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Zeus craves human companionship. As is his namesake was then protector of humankind Zeus will love and protect his family. He would benefit from daily walks and lots of interactive games. Zeus would be ideally suited to another large breed dog or greyhound as a friend, preferably female.

If you can offer Zeus a family to protect please contact us.

Age: 5 years 4 months | Sex: Male

My name might be Rebel but I am no rebel without a cause. My main aim in life is to find a family to please. I am very quiet, clean, and would make an excellent housemate (you pay the rent of course).

Age: 7 years 6 months | Sex: Male

I am described as faithful, loving, and loyal. My charming personality will win my new family over straight away. I am a bit older so settled and would love an indoor/outdoor lounge to spend my days laying in front of the tv or the in sun. I would still like to go for a walk every now and then and might do a zoom or tow in the yard.

Age: 5 years 4 months | Sex: Male

I'm Luke and I'm 4 years young. If you're looking for someone to take over your couch, your bed, and every other comfy spot in your home then I'm the guy for you. I can't think of anything better than spending my days sleeping and rising occasionally for a snack or two. But don't let this fool you... With all the time I spend sleeping I may have napped through the part in life where I was supposed to learn things. I could definitely benefit from a home where my humans are keen to teach me tricks and stuff, yeah, with snacks and lots of pats. Then we sleep...

Age: 5 years 3 months | Sex: Female

Beautiful Dora, 4 1/2, is looking for a forever home.

Needs a fenced garden for zoomies and play, a short daily walk, no cats or small dogs, preferably no stairs, although she's fine with outside steps, and people to love her. Her doting parents would preferably not be out at work all day. Dora would enjoy life with another calm mid to large size dog. Dora knows a range of commands now: her name, come, wait, out, no, fetch, give, on your bed. She's fully toilet trained, usually waits to be invited onto the bed in the morning, is not destructive, is quiet around the house, except for a few daily bursts of toy chasing and general joy of living. She will need a little more training to ignore small dogs on her walks. Dora is ready for the forever life she deserves.