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Age: 4 years 2 months | Sex: Male

Whitey is the whole package! He's good with kids, small dogs and is a calm gentle boy all round.

Age: 6 years 1 month | Sex: Male

Bluey is excited about life!

Age: 6 years 1 month | Sex: Female

Bliss brings bliss to any person who meets her! This stunning girl gets so excited to meet new people she does celebratory twirls! A quick zoom and then its time for a lay down and belly rubs!

Age: 4 years 11 months | Sex: Female

Just when things might be starting to look a bit mundane, Poptart is here to add a touch of fun to your days.

Poptart is looking for a home where people could be around to keep her company at times. Casual workers would be great, otherwise if you work full time or part time then it would be require that she have a canine friend that is medium or large in size for her to pass the days away with. She can be a little excitable and jumpy when greeting people so little kids are a no-no for Poptart, only older teens with some dog experience please. She will need a backyard and in time she will be happy to share your indoor space too.

Age: 1 year 6 months | Sex: Female

Fancy a invigorating, zingy drink? Why don’t you try a Lemon Drop. This delicious refreshment is sure to leave you wanting more and will be a hit with all your friends and family. 

Lemon Drop is a gorgeous little girl with an eye catching light fawn coat. Despite her sour sounding name she is one of the sweetest greyhounds you’ll meet. She is very friendly, affectionate and gentle towards people making her the ideal companion for people of all ages. She was nicely on the lead and enjoys exploring the neighbourhood with her family. Lemon Drop can settle on her own for a few hours at a time and can settle for longer periods in quieter suburbs. She is happy to be inside the house but would benefit from having some kind of outdoor space to spend her time while being alone. Lemon Drop is a lovely little lady who would make a great addition to your family. 

Age: 7 years 1 month | Sex: Male

I can be your hero baby, I can kiss away the pain, I will stand by you forever… you can adopt me today. Hero is here to save the day and fill your world with unending love and happiness.

With the strength and courage of Superman and the gentle and loving personality of Bruce Banner, Hero is a dog like no other. Hero’s superpower is the ability to steal your heart with one look into your eyes and he uses this power daily. Once glance from his puppy dog eyes and you’ll never be able to leave his side again. And if you do try to leave his side, Hero will use his super velcro powers to attach to your hip as you take him for a walk or hang out in the yard. Hero adores humans and in his perfect world he would spend all day and night with his new family! In reality however he can be left alone in the backyard for a few hours at a time, but leave for too long and he will use his super sooky powers to guilt you into coming back. Hero would benefit from having a big yard space to spend his time alone exploring and sleeping in the sun. A quiet neighbourhood without too many loud noises around would be ideal so that he can relax in peace. Due to his gentle nature Hero would be suitable for a home with older children and he would make a wonderful companion for an older person or couple looking to spend their retirement years with a loving canine companion. Despite having the ability to fly, Hero prefers to walk and he is very calm on the lead. He does not require a lot of exercise so a short daily stroll and play in the backyard is enough to keep him happy. Hero would be happy to be part of a team of superheroes and is happy to spend his days with another pooch big or small. Having a friend around can help him to settle for longer periods of time, though he still wouldn’t enjoy being left alone all day even with another dog to keep him company. Hero is a super cuddly, loving boy who is ready to soar into your life and fill it with never ending delight.

Age: 4 years 10 months | Sex: Female

ALOHA!! I’m Moana. Life on the little island of GAP is getting so-so. I’m ready for big island life.

I am currently in foster care with a greyhound foster-sister and have come a long way since starting my journey to pet life and I am ready to take the final step. Becoming an actual real-life pet. I was pretty shy when I first arrived to GAP but I am getting more confident and affectionate each day, I think I still want to keep things quiet and slow if that’s ok. I just ask for a bit of patience and your love. I am really quite happy just hanging out at home in a nice yard under a palm or hibiscus tress, although I am known to enjoy the occasional car ride. I like doggy friends but I just want them to be medium to large size, same as humans. So just to be clear, no small dogs or children please. I can be left alone for a few hours but don’t leave me alone all day, ok, I still want to spend time with my new family more often than not, especially if you don’t have a canine friend for me.

Age: 1 year 6 months | Sex: Female

No matter how many stars in the sky, our stunning Moonbeam will be the brightest light in your life! 

Our darling 1-year-old pup Moonbeam radiates love and joy! She instantly becomes best friends with every person she comes across, and none she has met so far are immune to her charm. Moonbeam loves spending time with her humans so much that she hopes her new home has someone around more often than not to enjoy life with her. However Moonbeam also adores other medium/large dogs and will happily spend longer hours alone playing or sunbaking with them. After her trademark silly dance of joy when first put on lead, Moonbeam walks very well on loose lead and would happily join you on a short daily walk. She would be happy to skip the walk some days and instead enjoy a play in the yard with her toys or maybe delight you with a few wild zoomies if the feeling strikes her. 

Age: 2 years 4 months | Sex: Male

Start with a big handsome loaf. Mix in some goofiness (oops the whole lot fell in!). Season with a bit of spicy zoomies. And finally garnish with a big cheesy grin. This is the recipe to make the perfect Meatball. 

Meatball is a happy and bouncy fellow who always greets you with a waggy tail and feet tippy taps that will make your heart melt. He doesn’t mind a bit of me-time during the day, so those who work part-time or full-time are suitable. He would be happy to share his home with another dog around his size, and older kids are fine by him however due to his size and excitable nature a home without young children is best. Meatball isn’t really into toys, but he will happily participate in food enrichment games or training if treats are involved! He walks well on loose lead after his initial excitement has passed and will gladly join you for a trot around town. Meatball is still learning to enjoy spending time indoors, so a home with a spacious backyard for him to retreat to is essential. 

Age: 6 years 2 months | Sex: Female

How to make a Mimosa - 1 part affectionate, a dash of adorable, 2 parts quirky. Stirred not shaken, serve in a loving forever home! 

Mimosa is a friendly, happy go lucky girl who’s been a great companion to other greyhounds here at the facility which indicates that she would suit a home who already has a medium to large canine companion. 

Age: 3 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Oh hiya everybody!! My name is Kev, kinda like a chicken kiev, but without the chicken and without the yummy stuffing!

Enough of that silliness.. cause I’m looking for my forever home and that is serious business!

Age: 2 years 5 months | Sex: Male

With a sleek black coat, auburn brown eyes and a muscly physique it’s no mystery where this handsome stud got his name. Meet Pretty Boy, a gorgeous young man with a beautiful personality to match. 

Pretty Boy has only recently celebrated his 2nd birthday so is still a very young chap. Despite being such a young boy he is quite calm and reserved. He takes time to warm up to new people but once he is comfortable around you he is very sweet, loving and gentle. We think he would suit a home with minimal people to help him feel comfortable more quickly. He loves to spend time outside in the sunshine and can settle for a few hours on his own, however he would prefer his family to be around more often than not. He would benefit from having a home with a yard. Pretty Boy loves to play with toys, walks very gently on the lead and is very cuddly once he gets to know you. He has paired nicely with the other greyhounds he has met at our site and would suit a home with another medium/large pet dog. If he had a friend to spend the day with he would be able to be away from his human family for longer periods of time. Pretty Boy is a gentle giant who would love nothing more than a warm bed to sleep on and a family to call his own. 

Age: 4 years 0 months | Sex: Male

Be prepared for this fun guy! Jacko is here to make you laugh and smile all day long!

He has a very happy go lucky personality and enjoys toys and life itself. Jacko doesn’t mind spending his days on his own, as long as he has an outside space for a quick zoomie and toys. He is a good boy on lead and travelling is just a fun day out for him! Jacko is learning how to gently say hello to his fellow smaller canine friends, but is a gold star leaner and response very well to treats. We feel Jacko would be ok with respectful/older children that understand to give him space while settling in and possibly a med/lrg canine friend with a meet and greet first. We feel his ideal home could be just about anywhere so long as he had a yard and lots of fun toys to play with. If Jacko sounds like your type of guy, he is available now at our Central Coast facility. 

Age: 2 years 11 months | Sex: Female

Hi everyone, Abby here! I am delighted to announce that I am available for adoption and hope that you will fall in love with me and take me home! Please read what my work mum has to say about me below and come and meet me soon! 

Abby is a beautiful white and black girl with the prettiest of markings, especially her spotty right ear! At only 3 years old she still has a lot of life to live and is hopeful to start her journey as a pet as soon as possible. Being young Abby is quite active and loves to play in the yard and go for walks. She would benefit from having a house with a yard. Her three favourite things are treats, toys and pats! She can be a little shy when first meeting new people but soon warms up and her bubbly personality comes out! She is a very loving girl who loves to spend time with us, usually right by our side. She is happy being inside and likes to nap on her big comfy bed while you go about your day. Abby can be left alone for a few hours at a time and would suit people who work part-time, shift work or even those who work from home. She would prefer to go to a home in a quieter suburb to help her nap and explore outside while you’re not home. She has gotten along well with the other greyhounds she has met and would suit a home with another large breed dog. We think she would be ok to live in a home with older children, so long as they are respectful of her space. Abby is a very lovely young girl who would make a lucky family very happy! 

Age: 2 years 7 months | Sex: Female

Just as things start to cool down for winter, Ember has arrived in time to come home and keep you warm. 

This bouncy girl will transform your home with her warm glow. She will need a home that will have members that are home most of the time to keep her company, stay at home workers would suit her perfectly. She is an excitable young lass so teenage children with experience are suitable, however, small children will have to be excluded for Embers pet life at least until she finds a less bouncy rhythm. She will be a good companion to a medium or large canine but no small ones for Ember please. She loves to go outdoors to grab some exercise but be prepared to work as this girl can be a bit strong on lead.

Age: 3 years 6 months | Sex: Female

Beautiful brindle girl Molly will bring joy to your home and put a smile on your face everyday!

This gorgeous little girl is super playful and happy in nature. She loves to play with her toys, other dogs or even humans so a home with a yard with space for zoomies would be preferable. If you have a playful medium/large canine friend for her at home she would be over the moon and would suit those who work longer hours. If you would prefer her to be an only dog, Molly is suited to those who work part-time/casual hours maximum. Apartment/unit living is fine for Molly for those who are home more often to let her toilet and stretch her legs. Older kids would enjoy Molly’s silly side, however a home without younger children is best due to Molly’s excitable and playful personality. Molly loves her walks and can be excited to get going, but after a few minutes she settles into a nice rhythm and is a great walking partner. 

Age: 8 years 6 months | Sex: Female

What does the ‘G’ stand for you ask? It could stand for ‘greyhound’, but we think that’s a little obvious. Maybe it stands for ‘gentle’, which this sweet old lady definitely is. And it could certainly stand for ‘graceful’ which so adequately describes the dance she performs when finding a comfortable position on the couch. Perhaps it stands for ‘gravity defying ears’ which we think is her best feature. The truth is we don’t really know what the ‘G’ stands for (we’ve tried asking her but we haven’t got an answer yet), so feel free to pick your favourite. 

What we do know is Mrs. G is a lovely 9-year-young lady who is looking for her forever home. Despite her age and gentle nature, she still has her occasional goofy playful moments and will definitely bring joy and laughter to your home. Mrs. G is suited to those who work part time or full time hours as she is happy to have some me-time during the day as long as you live in a quieter area. However if you happen to have another medium/large dog at home, Mrs. G would happily adopt them as her new bestie. When you get home, Mrs. G would happily accompany you on a leisurely stroll, however she prefers her walks shorter and in quieter areas for now. 

Age: 4 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Buster is a very sweet boy who has spent some time in foster care and settled very well into family life with another female medium sized dog. He loved the dog beds and was a great companion for Missy who is an older dog.  We have discovered that Buster needs a home where there are no chickens and preferable a good fenced yard to contain him when you are not home.

Buster loves toys and will play with them all day if you have the time. He has met some of those smaller breed dogs and was very well behaved. He loves going for walks and will walk beautifully on a lead.

Age: 8 years 7 months | Sex: Female

The beautiful Lee, she is 8.5yo but oh wow is she just stunning!

Lee is still so young at heart, she absolutely loves toys and will even bring them back to you. Lee walks incredibly well on lead, you wouldn’t even realize she was on the other end. We feel Lee is an all-rounder when it comes to a home, she copes well on her own, doesn’t mind the size of her canine company and she might even be happy with some respectful children in her life- ensuring that she still gets some of her old timers space of course. She would prefer a yard to relax in as she enjoys taking her time out in the sun during the cold winter days. This girl likes her little snacks occasionally as well, she adores food so be prepared to have yummy treaties on hand when your meeting her!

Age: 7 years 6 months | Sex: Male

*Experienced pet, in foster care*

Looking for the complete package? Meet Rocky!